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We Scale E-commerce Brands To 7 & 8 Figures, With A Focus On Profit!

Showing you how to use paid advertising, content research & financial forecasting to build your DTC brand.

Strategically Growing Your Sales Platforms

In-House Software

To Focus On Profit!


No more waiting for your accountant to prepare monthly reports.

We will input your product and business costs & see your profitability on a store, product or even an order level!

Not only managing all of your advertising efforts, we will also focus on how your store is performing from a financial level!

That way we are all aligned in our strategy moving forward. 

Think of us as your in-house marketing team!

Quick & Efficent Onboarding ✅ Clear & Consistent Communication ✅ Profit Focused ✅

Meet Our Director

Leighton Penrose is an award-winning digital marketing leader from Dublin, Ireland. After freelancing for 4 years & contributing to scaling up Irelands most popular financial brokerage Askpaul.ie.

He joined forces with Paul Merriman to show other businesses how to use direct response marketing & finance to scale online. 

Leading Social is now a team of 9 people, helping online businesses scale using paid advertising & financial forecasting. 




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